Why Is Cloud Computing The New Era Of Technology?

benefits of cloud computing

Technology has been evolving at a very fast pace and during this era of neck-wrenching competition, there are many technological solutions which have revolutionized societies and different industries.

Out of the many technological developments and innovations, cloud computing tops the chart with its wide use and plethora of benefits. Cloud computing is in existence for a very long time, but it took a little while for the cloud computing technology to shape up into the form in which we are witnessing it today.

Earlier, cloud computing was considered as a very high-tech solution and small businesses couldn’t even imagine of opting any cloud computing solution as it was way beyond their budget. But development in any sector results in better penetration of the product or service and the same thing happened with the cloud computing technology.

Now there are multiple uses of the cloud and every person is using this technological blessing, whether knowingly or unknowingly. And in this blog post, we will be looking at how cloud is going to become or has already become the new era of technology.

Best platform for testing and development

The procedure of testing and development of an app was not an easy task as it required a proper budget, environment setup through physical asset, a good manpower and lots of time. This hectic, money guzzler and time-consuming process was not acceptable by all. But the cloud technology gave the developers, an already made environment which can be tailored at their fingerprints.

A secure storage location

Cloud gives you the opportunity to store your data on it and then access, retrieve or edit it from any web-enabled interface. Most of the web interface services are quite simple and with the power of cloud storage, you get high speed, scalable, economical and always available medium of accessing your data from anywhere in the world. This is very necessary tools which every business owner should have because being always available and remote access are very much necessary in the current era.

Cloud hosting

Another great use and benefit of the cloud computing technology is the cloud hosting. One can host the license copy of his software on the cloud server of a particular cloud hosting provider and then access it from anywhere and at any time. The best example of cloud hosting is the QuickBooks cloud hosting, a cloud accounting solution.  It makes it easier to work on the software without worrying about security.


Backing up your data on a regular basis is a very time consuming and complex process. It required maintaining drives, manually collecting them and then sending them to backup facility locations. But the cloud backup is a sound solution for dealing with the backup hassle as you can remotely send the backup files to any location and then ask the backup facility to do their part of work. With such advance backup solution, you save time and stay away from any type of complete data loss.

Cloud solution has many implementations in different fields and sectors. The broad coverage area of cloud computing is backed up by its long list of benefits and advantages which can be availed at a very minimal cost.


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