Why businesses are now moving towards green buildings?

green buildings

The level of pollution is increasing day by day and there are various factors contributing to it. From damaging our ozone layer to cutting down trees, we are doing many things that are slowly killing the only home in the universe. You will be dumbfounded to know that more than 40% of the lakes in America are not too polluted for fishing, swimming or aquatic life. More than 6.5 million tons of litter enters the ocean every year and some of those litters will be there in the oceans for the next 500 years. There are various ways in which we are increasing the pollution level and the increased construction rate is also one of them.

With the growth of the economy in a country, the investment in the infrastructure also increases and this leads to increase in the number of buildings that are responsible for a major portion of greenhouse gas emission and other factors that are damaging our environment. Greenhouse gas has a very drastic effect on a planet and the best example is the planet, Venus. But nowadays, people are becoming more aware of environmental issues and they are using different ways to tackle the problem. This awareness has led to a new kid on the block that is known as green buildings.

A green building is a special type of building that reduces its carbon footprint and eliminates all other negative impacts on nature through its unique construction, practices, and measures. The influx of green buildings is proving to be very beneficial for nature and many studies have proved it. But in addition to reducing the negative impact on nature, green buildings are proving to be very beneficial in cost-saving as well. If you are wondering how then go through this blog and know about the advantages of green building for a company.

Reduces the negative impact on nature

The most obvious benefit of green buildings is a reduced negative effect on the environment. You will be dumbfounded to know that U.S buildings are responsible for 39% of energy consumption and it makes buildings a major source of greenhouse gas emission. But by converting an ordinary building into a green building or by deciding to build a green building from scratch, a company is able to reduce its carbon footprint and other negative effects on the environment.

From using a water conservation system like using rainwater for flush and toilets to using LEED lights, there are various ways in which green buildings become friendly for the environment instead of acting as an enemy to it.


One of the biggest reasons why most of the companies are moving to green building is that it allows them to reduce the overall expense of the business. As discussed in the outset of the article, buildings are contributing to the greenhouse emission and therefore, different methods are used in a green building to reduce its dependency on electricity. And with reduced dependency on electricity, businesses are able to save a lot on their electric bills.

From solar panels to making room for big windows, there are many steps taken in a green building to reduce the dependency of a building on electricity. The solar panels are one of the best and natural sources of energy and it uses the power of the sun for producing electricity. And the big windows minimize the number of artificial lights in the morning as the interior of the building is lit by natural lights.

Happy employees

Another major advantage of converting your ordinary building into a green building is that you are able to keep your employees happy. Using natural ways to fulfill the needs of a building, you are able to create a positive environment in the building and it surely has a good effect on the health of the employees. And when your employees will have a positive mindset and healthy body then they will be able to stay happy. This will affect the overall performance of your company.

Increased market value

Without people becoming aware of the environmental issues, everyone is looking forward to taking measures in order to nullify any type of negative effect on the environment from their side. This is why green buildings have now a higher market value than ordinary buildings. If you will go to the real estate market and ask the real estate agent to decide the market price of your building then you will find out that green buildings have more value.

Companies are not only responsible for sales and making a profit, but they are also responsible for nature as well. This is why the influx of green buildings doesn’t look surprised. Getting a green building certification will have many positive effects on your company and environment and this is why you should turn your ordinary building into a green building.


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