What is network segmentation? How they affect data security?

What is network segmentation?

In the modern era, each and every type of business is using different types of data on a very large scale. You will be surprised to know that in the modern era, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced on an everyday basis and this number is going to keep on increasing in the near future as well. Well, there used to be a time when only data-driven companies used data but in the modern era, each and every type of business is thriving on a large amount of data.

Because of the use of data and the influx of digital platforms, every type of business is relying on the network system. Without a proper network system, the survival of any kind of business is not possible. It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is or in which sector you are, you will have to start using the network system in order to match the pace with the growing competition.

But one of the biggest issues with the modern-day technological era is the network intrusion. You should know that with the evolution of technology, the criminals present on the online platform have also evolved and they have started using many new tools and technologies in order to get control of someone’s else data or get into the network of someone else. This is one of the main reasons why most of the modern-day businesses are concerned about their security of the network and in this blog post, we are going to talk about the details of network segmentation and know how it is going to affect data security in the modern era.

You should know that network segmentation is one of the most effective strategies that each and every type of business can use in order to stay away from each and every type of network intrusion. If you will be able to implement network segmentation effectively then it will become almost impossible for anyone to get their hands on your network.

What is network segmentation?

Network segmentation is basically the partitioning of a bigger network into the smaller networks while on the other side, network segregation involves developing and enforcing a rule set for controlling the communication between both host and services. You should know that while implementing both network segmentation and segregation, the main motive is to always restrict the level of access to different kinds of hosts, sensitive information, different kinds of services while ensuring that the firm continues to operate effectively and without any hassle.

If you really want to make the most of your efforts, then you will need to make sure that network segmentation is planned successfully and properly, without any type of flaws. You can take the example of a giant bank with different branches in order to understand network segmentation in a much better way. The security policy of the branch restricts all the employees from accessing the financial reporting system. But with the help of network segmentation, one can enforce the security policy by preventing all the branch traffic from reaching the financial system. And thus by minimizing the overall network traffic, the financial system will be able to work in a much better way.

What will be its effect on data security?

In the modern era, most of the businesses are facing the wrath of the rise of the cyber attacks and since cyber attacks are not only limited to giant businesses, it becomes very difficult to keep tabs on each and every type of data breach. For small and medium-sized businesses to have less secured network systems, hacking their data becomes very easy and criminals are well aware of this fact. There is no denial of the fact that cases of network breaches are increasing at a very fast pace and in order to stay away from such types of issues, businesses of every kind and size will start using network segmentation.

With the help of network segmentation, business owners can make sure that it will become almost impossible for each and every type of criminal to get their hands on the network system of the business, and thus, the network will always be able to stay safe and protected.

What are the benefits of network segmentation?

Improved security

One of the most obvious benefits of implementing network segmentation in your organization will be improved security. After network segmentation, it will become almost impossible for even the smartest criminals to get their hands on your data and network system.

Better access control

Another area where you will see improvement after moving to the network segmentation approach will be access control. When you will start using network segmentation then users will be able to access only specific network resources and not all the network resources.

Improved monitoring

The very advantageous and powerful network segmentation will help you in improving your monitoring as well. If you will implement network segmentation properly then you will get the opportunity to log events, and thus you will be able to keep track of suspicious events in your network.

As you can see, network segmentation will help businesses in many ways. But most of the small and medium-sized businesses will be using the advantages of network segmentation mainly for improving the overall security of their network. All the other benefits of network segmentation will come as an add-on of the advanced approach.


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