Top 5 tips to win the most famous online multiplayer game PUBG

PUBG is ruling the online multiplayer gaming with its energetic, thrilling, chaotic and intense gameplay. There is no other game out there which can match the intensity of PUBG.

Because of its gameplay, this thrilling game has broken several records in the online multiplayer field and one of them includes the highest number of players at a single moment which was near to 3 million.

But this game is not all about killing; it’s more about how long you can survive. And in order to win the chicken dinner at the end, you need to survive till the last.

So, in this blog post, we will be talking about the best tips which can come in handy for PUBG players if they want to devour the chicken dinner alone or with teammates.

Land in Shelter and near Prison

If you are used to landing in highly dangerous places with high loot then you should skip this tip, but if you are looking for safe places which will give you average loot while increasing your chances of survival then there are the two best options.

First one is inside the bunker in the Shelter. You will have to go to the upper side ‘S’ alphabet on Shelter on the map and then you will find the bunker. The bunker is the best option if you have a squad as it has more than one opening and protecting those alone will be a little difficult.

The next one is near the Prison. If you will zoom in the map, you will see four buildings near the Prison. Get into those buildings, loot till you are satisfied and then move to the mountain cliffs near it. It will give you complete access to the prison where you can shoot people at the crowded place, one by one. But don’t stay there for long as soon someone will join you.

Don’t shoot and stay in plain fields

This is applicable only when you are playing solo or when your teammates are tearing apart enemies at one end of the map, while you are trying to survive alone. If you are in a plain field and just shot someone, then there are maximum chances that someone will spot you and run to kill you. So, shoot, move, stay and then again repeat this procedure till you are joined by your squad.

Don’t loot dead enemies in the end

If the playing area has shortened and there are only 10-15 people left in the game, then you should stick with the gun, ammo and other supplies which you have. Because if you will try to loot your enemies in the end, you will get spotted and killed instantly. Exceptions can be considered when you are low on health or don’t have the ammo

Have good knowledge of the weapons

While in the end, all that will matter is your gameplay, but a good knowledge of the different guns can make you more effective in the game. There is a wide variety of guns in PUBG and you should know which one you should use in which situation. For example, shotguns are best for clearing building while Assault Rifles like AKM, M16A4, and SCAR-L are good for most of the conditions.

Don’t run blindly for the drop

Drops are the most attracting things in PUBG as they give you access to the most advance guns which are not usually available in the loot. But many people run blindly for the drop when they see it and instead of getting the advance weapons they get killed in the most advance way. So, keep checking your surroundings when you are going for the drop as the drop attracts players like honey attracts flies.

Winning a chicken dinner in the PUBG is not that hard. You just have to survive till the end between other bloodthirsty 99 people, restricting playing area, gunshots from every angle, grenades, snipers, vehicles and last but not the least, the most famous pan.


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