The 0.6 and upcoming 0.7 update of the PUBG mobile game

new updates of PUBG mobile game

PUBG has seen a golden success on the PC platform. It has smooth controls, high-intensity gaming modes, vehicles, different guns, real-life firing experience and numerous other online players.

But after launching on mobile, the revolutionary game changed the FPP gaming scenario on mobile. Although there are several high end FPP games available on the mobile, nothing can beat the PUBG and the secret of success on mobile lies in how beautifully the smooth controls of the PC were transferred to the mobile with maximum options, stability, accuracy, and power.

Recently, the 0.6 update for PUBG was launched in the market and there were a couple of cool features introduced in the new update. So, let’s look at the updates which we got from the latest version of PUBG which is 0.6 and then we will look at the upcoming 0.7 update of the game.

What you got in the new 0.6 update?

  • First of all, you get an armory section where you can see all the weapons of the PUBG and then pair them up with attachments to see the enhancement in their speed, recoil, damage, etc. This was a very necessary feature in PUBG as knowing about the guns through the official information is always reliable and helpful too.
  • A mini-zone has also been added to the Arcade mode of the game. This mini zone is highly chaotic game as you are dropped with 99 other people, on a smaller circle and with 3 times more supply than the normal match. It is good for practicing your skills and finding people at every movement of your step.
  • Other than this, there has been a new section of Royal Pass which is located right above the season board on the home screen. This Royal Pass has two ways for you to go. One is the free one and another one is the paid one which can be availed by upgrading the pass. There are numerous new items in the Royal Pass and each week, you will get several missions to complete and increase your rank.
  • Now your teammates won’t be knocked out with your car.
  • There is also a separate UI for pistols which means that now you can three guns with you.
  • But the biggest attraction of the update is the FPP mode which gives you the feeling of playing on PC. The FPP mode is available in Classic mode only, not in Arcade mode. Although many people are finding difficulty while dealing with FPP on mobile, like in climbing, getting into houses through doors, etc., but many people are finding the FPP to be much better.

What are the major highlights of the 0.7 update?

  • A new gun will be introduced in the new update and it will be SLR rifle.
  • You will now also be able to heal inside the car, but only when there are no bumps or the speed is below 100km/hr.
  • The home screen will also get changed with season option coming down on the screen and the match options getting a whole new look.
  • There will be a new War mode in the Arcade. In this mode, you will have infinite respawn and you will jump from the plane not only with a parachute but with a gun as well. So, if you were thinking that quick match and mini zone were chaotic then try this one.

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