The perks of using cloud-based applications in education

Cloud is basically a combination of various advanced technological resources like servers, applications, networks in a common pool where firms and even individual people can easily rent a list of services according to their particular needs. The advent of cloud in the market has totally changed the world we know. You might not be aware but whenever you upload a photo on Facebook or whenever you save a file on Google Drive, Cloud computing is acting as the main force driving these features. From research to entertainment, cloud computing is now being used each and everywhere.

But one of the unique sectors that have been transformed with the help of cloud is education. The education sector has been totally transformed with cloud-based applications and now more and more faculties and students are flocking towards cloud-based applications rather than installing software on their desktop. With this advancement of technology, both faculties and students have become more quick, effective and efficient. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common perks of using cloud-based applications in the education sector.

Enhances institutional productivity

You should know that one of the most common uses of cloud-based applications is in b-learning and e-learning programs. But in addition to this, the cloud-based applications are being used in the traditional courses that have been made available online. At the same time, the access to academic materials on the digital platform has increased dramatically and this is because digital media and print documents have increased at a very fast pace. With the help of cloud applications, people from different campuses can easily access the same material online and this is how cloud-based application has enhanced institutional productivity.

Cloud-based applications have decreased the cost of managing every information on paper and it has also made democratize access to documents. This is the main reason why educational institutions are moving to cloud-based applications without any second thoughts.


By using cloud technology, institutions have been able to reduce their expenses to a great extent. While using cloud technology, education institutions have to pay only for what they use and they don’t need to pay for the whole IT infrastructure. For example, if an educational institute is using a hosted application then instead of paying for the whole server on which the application has been hosted, the user has to pay for only the capacity of the server that he is using. This is basically a pay-as-you-go model and it is used on the cloud platform. By taking advantage of this unique feature of cloud, educational institutes have been able to minimize the overall expenses.

You should know that higher education institutions can easily rent particular software packages that can be used from anywhere and at any time. This reduces the overall expense of the education institute and it is one of the main driving forces behind the shift of so many educational institutes towards the cloud. If an educational institute will use the traditional system then it will have to purchase individual licenses for the limited number of computers and that too for a particular period of time.

Enhances collaboration

One of the biggest advantages of using cloud-based applications is better collaboration. You should know that if educational institutes will stay dependant on their desktop installed software solution then they will never be able to collaborate well, especially if different people are sitting at different locations. In the traditional solution, only one person can access the software at a time and that too only from the particular desktop on which the software has been installed. But that is not the case with a cloud-based application.

The cloud computing platform comes with the unique feature of multi-user access and by using this amazing feature, multiple users can access the same software at the same time, regardless of their location. This allows faculties and students to collaborate easily and increase their productivity. The user just needs to use a device that has internet access and enter his credentials, the software will become available on the screen without any hassle.

Cloud computing is surely a revolutionary technology that has totally transformed each and every sector. When we talk about the educational sector then we can clearly see how this modern and advanced technological solution has made the educational industry more effective, efficient, secure, quick and productive. If you are a part of the education institute, then it becomes paramount for you to use the cloud-based application otherwise you will never be able to take advantage of the modern technological advancements. Choose the best and most suitable cloud-based application and allow yourself to thrive on the long list of advantages offered by the cloud.

Changes Through Technological Advancements in The Accounting Industry

In the era of evolution, technology has been seen advancements by leaps and bounds and it is also believed that the work of accountants has become much simpler than before with the introduction of technology in the accounting sector. Talking about the earlier days when all the work was done with pens and papers, technology has brought about dynamic changes in the present scenario by providing the best accounting services in Dubai.

This means everything is done on computers like data entry, making financial records, calculations and much more. This is an excellent transformation that has bought about a number of benefits and the work is also being done quite efficiently these days.

The following points will show the changes that technology has bought about in the lives of accountants:

1. Well-equipped and specialized accounting software:


Accountants are moving from manual calculations and traditional ways of recording transactions by pen and paper. They are slowly shifting to accounting software’s which have made their life easier. There are now efficient tools and software’s available that help accountants to input data faster and also to compute the data easily. Not only this, but scanning tools are also available to the manual inputting of data is also being replaced rapidly.

A computer is accurate in doing calculations so the chances of the error have also declined and also in case there is some error in the data, the computer detects it and it can be verified and corrected immediately.

2. The system launched is cloud-based:

Cloud accounting services

There are a number of organizations that are providing accounting services and are aware of the fact that the internet is something beyond company websites and social media. They are using a cloud-based system to record, analyze and compute data easily. This system helps you get access to data whenever and from wherever you wish to. All you need is to log on to the cloud-based system and get going. The data stored in this system is digitalized which means it can be accessed easily. This as a new working style in the accounting industry has helped in managing and minimizing bookkeeping expenditures.

3. Transactions related to the client are becoming more efficient:

Technology advancement in delivering the best accounting services has not only benefitted the company or the accounts, but also the clients taking accounting services. The clients will also get access to the data through digitalization. Also, face to face meetings can be initiated through web video conferencing which means it has become really convenient for the clients to convene and discuss the matter of concerns as and when required regardless of the distance from the accounting firm.

4. Accounting services have become mobile:

Cloud accounting services

With the introduction of smart-phones, we cannot ignore the fact that the dependency of people has increased on mobile phones but we can also not ignore the fact that mobile phones have made our lives much simpler. There are a number of applications related to accounting which people can download in their mobile phones and use them efficiently. These applications are dedicated to accounting. It is also possible for you to take your office with you anywhere and everywhere and this can be done with a smartphone, internet connection and a bit of support for the Information Technology (I.T.) team.

5. Easy job for the accountants providing accounting services:

Cloud accounting services

Without any doubt, the accounting system is quite difficult like computing and recording data is a tiresome procedure. The technology has made it much easier for the accountants providing accounting services to record, and compute data by introducing different useful accounting tools and software. This way their work has become easy and effective and also error-free.

So after going through the above-mentioned points, we can clearly see that technology has bought about positive changes in the field of accounting and with the passage of time, this will be improved further.