Know all about the Instagram’s newest Feature: Instagram TV

Today, the internet has brought a drastic change around the world. It has turned the whole world into a global village where people can communicate with each other, do business with each other and that too at ease and comfort. The social media platforms have paved the way for people to connect with each other.

Among all the social media platforms, Instagram is probably the most prominent and interesting. Today, it has a user base of 500 million people and is still going strong. It is the combination of all other popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat. On Instagram, you can follow your friends, families, teachers, and even your favorite celebrities and this is the reason it is getting so popular.

Recently, Instagram launched its newest feature named “Instagram TV” for its users. Now let us know about this a bit more in details:

What is Instagram TV?

Instagram TV or also known as IGTV is more like a modern- day social media TV that can be used to watch various channels on their smartphones. For the time being, the users will be able to see the videos on IGTV that supports only vertical display resolution. Although it is named as a TV but it is more like a YouTube.  So, when something new arrives on IGTV, it will appear on the top of the Instagram’s home page.

How will it work?

Well, Instagram has tried to give IGTV a texture of traditional TV. So, videos will be shown automatically whenever a user taps into any of the resources just like the home TVs. Well, the interesting thing about IGTV is that it will show the content to the users based on their personal likes and preference.  For now, the Instagram will only allow up to a maximum video of length 10 minutes. However, for some famous account holder, the length of the videos can be expanded up to 1 hour. But it is hoping that soon there will be no time limit.

The users can only upload the videos that are on their phone’s gallery. Inside the IGTV, there will be three categories shown:

  • For you
  • Following
  • Popular

One great option that the users will get to see on the IGTV is the “continue watching”. This will allow the users to resume the videos that they couldn’t finish watching. The users will also be able to like, comment or share the videos.

For whom this platform will be ideal

The IGTV will cater a great opportunity for the celebrities and famous people who are well known in the world of social media platform. Basically, Instagram is one of the best platforms for such people who used social media to stay visible and stay connected with their fans. Various businesses of every size and ventures can also use this tool to promote their brand, especially who are in the business of foods, apparels, and arts.

How to create a channel in IGTV?

To upload the videos in IGTV, the first thing that you have to do is create a channel of your own. Just stay relaxed as you will be to create a channel with a flick of your fingers. Just go to the IGTV and tap into the “gear” like symbol to create a channel of your own. After that, you can easily upload videos from your phone. Make sure that the video is of free of any kind of nudity, violence or discrimination, as these kinds of videos are strongly prohibited on social media platforms.

Final Say

Wrapping it up, I hope the above article was clear enough to make you understand the concept of this newest feature of Instagram. With the launch of IGTV, the Instagram gave its users another interesting way to spend their time on this platform.