Sony Xperia Launched its New Feature Packed Ear Duo Wireless Ear Buds

Sony Xperia Wireless Ear Buds

Sony’s Xperia bizarre Ear Duo wireless earbud design will make you feel awkward like wearing them. The idea behind the design is to be unique- the Ear Duos wrap around your ear and have a hole right in the middle of the part that fits perfectly into your inner ear and don’t actually slide into your ear canal. This design is made in a way that wearer can hear their surroundings just as well as one would without them on.

So, whatever you are playing over Bluetooth- music, videos, podcasts etc. – is mixed with the awareness of your environment. You can wear them anywhere and still not miss a beat if someone talks to you. It’s like an environmental soundtrack to your system without interfering with anything.  Considering this aspect many people would want this Ear Duo wireless earbud, but Sony’s execution is hindered by odd design, mediocre sound and at $280, way too high price range.

Unusual Design

The overall look of Sony Xperia’s Ear Duos hasn’t changed much since the company first introduced this earpiece in concept form. Many people reported that when wearing them, they look like hearing aids. Rarely does anyone have praised it design. Music you play is played into your ears, but your ear canal remains unobstructed. However, the ear buds don’t really leak noise, so you don’t have to worry about annoying any person over at your office.

Putting these things on is really awkward and can be uncomfortable for users. It is more of a hassle than a piece of ear bud you may have ever tried.  Once they’re on, they feel light and comfortable during extended usage. The battery backup is medium and lasts for up to four hours for audio playback.

Features and Functionality

The ear buds come with no physical buttons on the system, so controlling them is done entirely through touchpads behind your ears. So, how do you like tapping something behind your ears? It is really weird and felt a bit unintuitive and clumsy. Here is the touch guide for the perfect control:

  • Tap left to play/pause
  • Double tap on the touchpad to skip track
  • Triple tap to go to previous track/restart current
  • Slide up or down on either touchpad to adjust volume
  • Tap either touchpad to accept a call and hold to end it.
  • Hold either touchpad to reject any incoming call.

But when it is Sony, you can expect next level sophistication and delicacy. The Ear Duo has some special gestures that don’t stop its limitations. This is capable of detecting head movements as well. Therefore, you can:

  • To go back to previous track, quickly turn your head to the left
  • To skip to the next track, quickly turn your head to the right
  • Nod head up/down to accept incoming call
  • Shake head left/right to reject a call

This might seem interesting and when you’re out holding groceries and you are unable to reach behind your ear, the head gestures aren’t the bad idea. Again, for Android users Sony includes digital voice assistance, called Daily Assist. When enabled, Daily Assist can read your notifications aloud immediately as they come in, automatically keeping your music volume low as it reads the emails, messages and other alerts you are getting. You can customize this feature and get this treatment to limit in order to avoid unnecessary bothering.

Sony’s Xperia Ear Duos wireless earbuds has been launched with an increasing price tag. Moreover, the design of this wireless ear bud is weird and people hesitate to wear this. But the built-in Sony’s gesture makes this ear piece superior to any ordinary wireless earbud headphones.  


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