How Well Do You Know About Typography

benefits of topography

In the world of internet, things that are most appealing are the most traffic generating. This is where Typography comes into play. Basically, it refers to the process of creating an engaging design of text on web pages by arranging different types of web fonts, letters, words, paragraph, and etc. A good typography can have a good impact on several important elements such as user experience, user perception, readability, and even interest.

Words act as a medium to connect with your audience this is why it is important that a designer understand the basic principle of typography. With this, a designer will be able to come up with something that is appealing and can convey your idea in a precise way.

Now let us discuss some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration while using Typography in web designing:

Don’t Overuse Fonts

Remember always to make a perfect website; you don’t need to include different things in one, you just need to add few things differently. Try to make it simple, engaging, and reader-friendly for the visitors. Overstuffing your site can make your website look too busy and distracting to the readers. Therefore, the best way is to choose between 3-4 fonts, and use them wisely.

Make it readable

You will find very few people who will sit and read each and every word of your content. This is the reason why it is necessary to choose the fonts carefully and make the content so smooth that it is readable at a glance.

The best structure for an article or web content is:

  • A crispy big Headline
  • A smaller sub-headings with clear meaning
  • An average body size, broken up with different sub-headings

If any of these formats is not followed properly, then you are on the verge of losing the reader before they come to the bottom of the content.

Your words are the best tool to attract the readers. You can use the fonts to guide the reader throughout the page and lead them towards an important area of information. Ultimately, this will encourage the readers to perform some action such as an inquiry, purchase, or sign-up.

Choose a suitable color and Format

Colors are magical in their own way. However, leveraging too many colors in your content will likely confuse the readers. Instead, use color to grab the attention of readers to certain areas of your web page.

Similarly, the format also plays a significant role in the quality of content. Try not to keep every word in bold format and don’t make the content lengthy and dull. Instead, use small paragraphs to give your content a pleasing and engaging appearance.

Typography should be good enough to convey your purpose

Every website demands a different style of typography. The typography that you will be selecting depends on your profession. If you are running a creative organization, then you could experiment with fancy words and try to make your content look unique. But if you are a professional organization such as law firm, finance, or accounts, you will have to stick up with simplicity and odd color choices.

The readers should get the idea of your business just by the glance of your content on the website. The font, text, and the format of your content play a significant role in making your content engaging and pleasing to the eyes of readers.


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