List of Free Web Conferencing Tools That Ranked On Top In 2018

web conferencing tools

Web conferencing is considered to be probably one of the best and most effective ways to do business. This is highly beneficial for small-sized business and startups where money is the real constraint.  Today, there are plenty of tools that provide free online web conferencing services. But most of the tools that are available for free lack some basic functionality or only offer their service of a limited period.

However, there are some tools that are free, but does their work fine enough to satisfy all your needs. Here is the list of those free web conference tools that can really help you:


Uberconference is a very useful web conferencing tool that supports voice conference and screen sharing. It offers many amazing features in their free version such as call recording, international conferencing numbers, and allows a maximum of 10 participants in a particular time. Uberconfernce offers unlimited conference call per month and it does not need a PIN number to connect a call. It does not allow video conferencing, but they fill the gap with many amazing features and control.

Cisco WebEx

WebEx is owned by the networking and security giant – Cisco. Well, the name of Cisco is enough to make something trustworthy. The free version of WebEx is quite effective and it allows a maximum of 3 participants at a time, but it gives the users a privilege of video conferencing. Another great feature of WebEx is that it allows the users to share their screen and even integrate the platform with the well-known platform Cisco Spark. Be it a small-size firm or a large scale organization, WebEx can be used by all.


Undoubtedly, Skype is one of the most popular names when it comes to video conferencing. Basically, it is free and offers screen sharing facility. However, Skype is not as flexible as other apps that don’t even require participants to download the client; the users will have to first install the Skype. One amazing thing about Skype is that the users can host an audio or video conference with participants of 25 or more. It is available for Windows, iOS and Android and is compatible with the mobile platform.


ANymeeting is also a very good and effective web conferencing tool that provides more than enough features on its free version. One thing about this tool is that it is an ad-based tool so you will have to use some advertising to use this tool. It offers to connect with up to 200 people and involves various useful features such as screen sharing, VoIP, phone conferencing and even allows to record meeting.


Zoom is also a web conference tool that offers free and paid service. The free version provides quite good features like conference calling that allows up to 100 participants, unlimited one to one conference, video and audio conferencing, whiteboarding and screen sharing. However, Zoom only allows conference for up to 40 minutes only in its free version.

Well, this was some of the best free tools available in the market for web conferencing. However, most of them have their limitations, but they surely fill the gap to a considerable amount. So, you will have to check the balance between their benefits and limitations before selecting any one of them.


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