Does an Ad Blocker Really Deserve A Go or No?

Ad Blocker

Today, the internet is a home of billions of people. We all use this great technology for various things, be it for entertainment, learning, to communicate or even for business. Well, no one can deny the fact that the internet is one of the most effective platforms for marketing. And this is the very reason why we get to deal with so many ads while using the internet.

However, in most of the cases, people just ignore the ads and continue with their work. However, most of the online ads are getting aggressive in their tactics. At times, they can be very irritating, they will flash, popup, or even block the webpage until you pay attention to them or dismiss them. This is where an ad blocker can prove to very useful. Today, ad blockers are available for every platform such as laptop, tablet, and mobile phones, but the real question is- is it really necessary?

So, in this article, we will be throwing some light on the topic of ad blockers and will discuss whether it should be used or not?

Benefits of using ad blocker

Safe Browsing

Today, the ads are not only irritating or ugly, but they could also prove to be a security threat. Nowadays, hackers have been using advertising medium to send malware which are specifically known as malvertising. In many cases, you don’t even need to click the ads. Opening the website may be enough to infect your system with a malware attack.

Stops tracking

Well, most of the ad servers like to keep an eye on the people and their online activities. They will gather all kinds of personal information about the recipient and his/her purchasing pattern and may either sell to the third parities, or use it to target more specific ads. Ad blockers keep you away from all sorts of troubles and prevent you from being tracked by such ad placers.

Faster browsing

Majority of the internet users complains the most about slow loading speed of pages. Well, online ad may be one of the reasons slowing it down. So, by using ad blocker, your browser wont’ have to deal with any online ads and it can entirely focus on the loading of the actual page that you want to see.

Disadvantages of ad blocker

Disturbing the page script

Well, nothing is perfect in this world and ad blockers also have their own downsides. One major problem with ad blocker is that it not only disables the ads on a WebPages, but may damage the page script as well. This can cause disruption in the useful components of the page or even affect the functionality of the page. All this can hamper your browsing experience.

Can cause trouble in analytics

There are many ad blockers that even blocks analytics scripts, that can be prove to be a huge problem for the websites in understanding the purchasing behavior of their visitors. For instance, you visit an e-commerce site regularly, but still you don’t see any items related to your interest on the recommended areas. This happens because ad blockers don’t allow the website to analyze your behavior.

Stops from enjoying content

Advertising is considered as one of the best resources to generate revenue for many online content creators and publishers.  Basically, they use the money to create quality content for the readers, but without the ad being seen, they won’t be able to earn money.

Final verdict

Ad blocker can be extremely useful in a situation where you are fed up with those online ads. However, nothing is perfect in this world and ad blocker also has also some drawbacks too. So, the choice of using ad block is depends on the user and by balancing the above given benefits and disadvantages.


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