How Test Automation Is Increasing Efficiency and Productivity of Organizations

With continuous technological innovations, applications have become more complex and advanced. Customers now expect enterprises to continuously innovate and roll out application updates to meet their evolving demands. As the features in the application keep growing, the need for quality also increases relatively.

To accelerate software development, enterprises have included Agile and DevOps methodologies that have made the swift delivery of quality assurance and software testing even more challenging. In several applications, the addition of even a small feature makes it necessary to test all other features to make sure that the behavior and user experience of the application is foolproof. Manual testing efforts can not handle such an enormous amount of test cases on a regular basis. This is where test automation kicks in, making Agile and DevOps a reality.

Let us find out how test automation is increasing the efficiency and productivity of organizations.

#1 Saves Resources

Automation testing is less resource-intensive in the long run that helps in saving a lot of time and money. It is a common requirement to repeat software tests as soon as the source code is modified. For each and every release, the software is tested on all hardware configurations and software operating systems. The manual repetition of these tests would cost a lot of money and precious time. While an effective test strategy will optimize test coverage, test automation will bring in the required scalability and repeatability in test efforts.

Test automation can be deployed over and over again without any additional cost at a faster pace. Hence, reducing the time for repetitive testing from days to hours leading to cut down in project costs.

#2 Increased Test Coverage

Automated software testing helps in enhancing the scope and depth of tests. Test engineers can run lengthy tests without worrying about errors and the quality of results. However, in some cases, it makes sense to start with manual testing; especially in the early stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

This approach helps test engineers to fine-tune the test strategy, set test requirements and plan the execution of the test. After some time, when the testing process gets fine-tuned and standardized, automated tests can be implemented.

Automated testing also assists test engineers to avoid human errors that could erupt from doing repetitive and redundant tasks. Automated tests ensure precise delivery while taking all the required information into consideration.

#3 Development and Testing Go Simultaneously

Software tests are repeated several times during the development cycle to achieve the best possible quality assurance. Whenever there is any modification in the source code, the software test is repeated.

Each release of the software should be tested thoroughly on all the supported variants of operating systems and several hardware configurations. Executing these tests repeatedly through manual testers would cost a fortune and a lot of time. Test automation has enabled QA to match the speed of Agile or DevOps projects while staying cost-efficient.

However, it is also crucial to identify the number of test cases that need to be tested to analyze the feasibility of test automation. For fewer test cases, automation testing may turn out to be more expensive than expected.

In several projects, it makes sense to kickstart with manual testing in the early phase of the software development lifecycle. This allows test engineers to fine-tune their strategy, set reasonable test requirements and plan the test execution during development. After the standardization of the testing process, automated tests are deployed to achieve the desired results.

#4 Test Automation Frameworks, Test Cases and Tools

To maximize test coverage and achieve the best results in the desired time, it is crucial to select a robust testing method that could be cross-platform as well. Automated testing methodology is leveraged for both reducing the costs of the project and validating requirements by generating automated test cases.

However, complete automation of big software entities incurs big costs that several organizations are not ready to pay. Test engineers should always keep in mind that frameworks including UI Automator, Robotium, Selenium, and Appium among others are just methods. Every framework comes with its unique set of utilities; some are more suitable for the web and hybrid application testing or some for native application testing. However, to get the most out of each methodology and framework, you need to have access to high-quality testing tools.

#5 Test Coverage, Reusability and Open Standards

Automated testing helps in enhancing software quality significantly by increasing the scope and depth of test cases. It enables test engineers to efficiently run lengthy and thorough tests that are normally not executed through manual testing. Automated tests ensure that test cases get complete access to the application and all the aspects are tested including data tables, memory content, internal program, and file content to identify the sanctity of software products.

Automated tests efficiently execute thousands of complex test cases during every test run. Manual resources freed from testing contribute more towards creating automated test cases. Test engineers can also easily extend the test coverage by increasing different variety of test cases.

However, to achieve optimum efficiency, it is crucial to choose the combination of the right device set. The selection of device also depends largely on the market that the business is trying to reach through its software. For instance, apart from picking up the most popular Android devices, it is also crucial to consider display resolution platform/OS version, hardware configuration and memory of the device among others.

If test engineers want to reuse test cases later then it is advisable to rely on open and transparent APIs for testing.

#6 Efficiency and Quality-at-Speed

Enterprises are facing the challenge of producing high-quality and reliable software in a highly competitive environment. Automated software testing ensures a cost-efficient solution while reducing time-to-market. Here is how it helps:

  • Enhances test efficiency
  • Increase test effectiveness and reduces time-to-market

Testing efficiency is calculated by taking the average number of tests that can run for an hour on testers’ time. Higher testing efficiency leads to lesser development time and costs, resulting in better bottom lines.

Test effectiveness is calculated by the rate at which a testing tool or technology is able to identify bugs. Increased effectiveness enables the organization to cut costs by releasing flawless products that ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Efficient test automation is enabling enterprises to achieve better results while reducing time-to-market. Automated testing has reduced weeks or months of time that a manual testing effort would have taken. Apart from enhancing the efficiency of SDLC, automation testing is also helping in freeing up a lot of resources that can be utilized for a more focussed approach towards business development.

Avoid these ETL blunders

If you are familiar with data warehousing and related to computing, then you must have heard about ETL and cloud automation. Well, ETL gained popularity during 1970 when organizations started using multiple data repositories and now there are many ETL tools available in the market. But even after being a part of data warehousing, there are many businesses that unintentionally make ETL implementation mistake and that’s what we are going to address in this blog post.

What is ETL?

ETL basically stands for Extract, Transform and load. These three steps are a part of the data integration process that is used to blend data from different sources. During the ETL process, first, the data is taken from a source (extraction), then converted into a format that can be analyzed (transformed) and finally stored into the data warehouse (loading). You should know that ETL is a recurring activity of data warehousing and that’s why it needs to be well-documented, agile and accurate.

Advantages of using ETL tools

One of the biggest advantages of using ETL tools is improved performance and cloud automation. With the help of ETL tools, you are able to work on data and extract information, do multiple calculations and use it in the best possible way without putting much time and effort. In addition to this, you are also able to apply universal formatting standards to all the data sets as you integrate them. This paves the way for clean and seamless data flow. With universal formatting, you are also able to make your data consistent semantically.

By using ETL tools, you are able to work on an easy to use data warehousing system and it proves to be very beneficial for each and every type of platform. You will be surprised to know that even the ROI in the case of an ETL tool is very high and that’s why so many organizations are now adopting it without a second thought.  

Common ETL implementation mistakes to avoid

Here are some of the most common ETL implementation mistakes that you should avoid.

Choosing the wrong hardware or software

Although there are various ETL implementation mistakes choosing the wrong hardware and software is the most common one. Usually, companies buy new ETL tools and start writing codes before even understanding the basic business requirement and if you will do this then things can quickly go haywire.

You should first survey all the major stakeholders, go through everyone’s motive, and only then you can start working on building your solution. It is paramount to choose the ideal tool for every stack so that you can get what you want from ETL implementation. In addition to this, you should also allow yourself to make changes in the ETL process as per the changing business demands without the need for building everything from scratch.

Not planning properly for the volume

This is another big mistake that many companies make when they become totally dependent upon the ETL pipeline and don’t’ plan properly for the volume of data they will have to deal with. One of the most important things to keep in mind during ETL implementation is that; the volume of data goes up, not down.  It is true that it is almost near to impossible to accurately predict the exact volume of data you have to deal with but still even a rough estimate can save you from a blunder.

There are always some applications in a business that is prone to a sudden increase in the volume of data. This is why it becomes important for you to always leave some spare bandwidth while choosing a tool so that you can scale up when the volume increases suddenly. If you are processing gigantic amounts of data then there is no chance that the volume will ever go down.

Missing parallelism in data import

Many businesses waste both times and resource in ETL by not understanding how SSIS import works. And because of the lack of knowledge or misunderstanding regarding the SSIS import, people use only one of the server’s many CPUs for the job. It is very necessary to know that DTExec. Is a single-threaded mechanism which means that if you have only one big flat file to import, you will use a single SSIS packaging and it will waste a lot of time, resource and efforts.

In order to avoid this mistake, you should agree with the data vendor to break the data file into n number of equal parts. Then create a piece of code that monitors the folder where the flat files are delivered and run in parallel.

Forgetting customers

You must be aware of the importance of team effort in an ETL process but still, many people forget the customers. This is why you should ask yourself some basic questions before ETL implementation, for whom you are ETLing the data? What type of information do they need from the ETL process? Whether your ETL implementation will be able to fulfill their demand?

In addition to this, you should also conduct interviews with everyone who is partnering in your company, not just managers. Then you will need to collect all the data in order to understand how to deal with the business data through the ETL process.

Why businesses are now moving towards green buildings?

The level of pollution is increasing day by day and there are various factors contributing to it. From damaging our ozone layer to cutting down trees, we are doing many things that are slowly killing the only home in the universe. You will be dumbfounded to know that more than 40% of the lakes in America are not too polluted for fishing, swimming or aquatic life. More than 6.5 million tons of litter enters the ocean every year and some of those litters will be there in the oceans for the next 500 years. There are various ways in which we are increasing the pollution level and the increased construction rate is also one of them.

With the growth of the economy in a country, the investment in the infrastructure also increases and this leads to increase in the number of buildings that are responsible for a major portion of greenhouse gas emission and other factors that are damaging our environment. Greenhouse gas has a very drastic effect on a planet and the best example is the planet, Venus. But nowadays, people are becoming more aware of environmental issues and they are using different ways to tackle the problem. This awareness has led to a new kid on the block that is known as green buildings.

A green building is a special type of building that reduces its carbon footprint and eliminates all other negative impacts on nature through its unique construction, practices, and measures. The influx of green buildings is proving to be very beneficial for nature and many studies have proved it. But in addition to reducing the negative impact on nature, green buildings are proving to be very beneficial in cost-saving as well. If you are wondering how then go through this blog and know about the advantages of green building for a company.

Reduces the negative impact on nature

The most obvious benefit of green buildings is a reduced negative effect on the environment. You will be dumbfounded to know that U.S buildings are responsible for 39% of energy consumption and it makes buildings a major source of greenhouse gas emission. But by converting an ordinary building into a green building or by deciding to build a green building from scratch, a company is able to reduce its carbon footprint and other negative effects on the environment.

From using a water conservation system like using rainwater for flush and toilets to using LEED lights, there are various ways in which green buildings become friendly for the environment instead of acting as an enemy to it.


One of the biggest reasons why most of the companies are moving to green building is that it allows them to reduce the overall expense of the business. As discussed in the outset of the article, buildings are contributing to the greenhouse emission and therefore, different methods are used in a green building to reduce its dependency on electricity. And with reduced dependency on electricity, businesses are able to save a lot on their electric bills.

From solar panels to making room for big windows, there are many steps taken in a green building to reduce the dependency of a building on electricity. The solar panels are one of the best and natural sources of energy and it uses the power of the sun for producing electricity. And the big windows minimize the number of artificial lights in the morning as the interior of the building is lit by natural lights.

Happy employees

Another major advantage of converting your ordinary building into a green building is that you are able to keep your employees happy. Using natural ways to fulfill the needs of a building, you are able to create a positive environment in the building and it surely has a good effect on the health of the employees. And when your employees will have a positive mindset and healthy body then they will be able to stay happy. This will affect the overall performance of your company.

Increased market value

Without people becoming aware of the environmental issues, everyone is looking forward to taking measures in order to nullify any type of negative effect on the environment from their side. This is why green buildings have now a higher market value than ordinary buildings. If you will go to the real estate market and ask the real estate agent to decide the market price of your building then you will find out that green buildings have more value.

Companies are not only responsible for sales and making a profit, but they are also responsible for nature as well. This is why the influx of green buildings doesn’t look surprised. Getting a green building certification will have many positive effects on your company and environment and this is why you should turn your ordinary building into a green building.

Cloud Encryption Tips for Businesses

With so many businesses storing sensitive information on the cloud, security is paramount. Read this guide to learn more about how to keep your data safe with cloud encryption.

If you own a business, you may consider data to be one of your top assets. If you store data on the cloud, it is absolutely critical that you invest in encryption to ensure that this information is kept private and secure. This infographic from Paradyn outlines the various encryption options available and offers some handy tips on how to get it right.

What is Encryption?

Webopedia describes encryption as the “translation of data into a secret code.” By using encryption, companies can make sure that only authorized people have access to sensitive information. Data encryption is an effective way of protecting your business against cyber attacks; as even if a hacker attempted to access the data, they would not be able to read it.

How Does Data Encryption Work?

There are three main categories of cloud encryption:

1. Client-Side Encryption:

This refers to instances when data is encrypted on a user’s computer before being uploaded to the cloud, using a digital key that’s unknown to the storage server. This is the gold standard of cloud encryption and is ideal for organizations that handle large amounts of highly sensitive data

 2. In-Transit Encryption:

This occurs when the server and computer exchange encryption keys so that data isn’t accessible to anyone else on the same network during uploading. In-transit encryption is less secure than client-side encryption, this option is suitable for organizations that handle little-to-no sensitive information.

 3. At-Rest Encryption:

This is when the data is stored in an encrypted state on the storage provider’s servers. Again, this is more suited to businesses that don’t handle a lot of information.

The Business Benefits of Cloud Encryption

A highly reliable option for storing sensitive data, 75% of businesses have either partially or extensively deployed cloud encryption. There are multiple benefits associated with cloud encryption.

Firstly, it helps to reduce the risk of data loss. This is because cloud services are more robust than physical hardware storage and, backing up cloud-based data in another location so your data will be secure even if a disaster strikes.

Encryption also strengthens data protection by adding an extra layer that prevents hackers from reading your data. As such is one of the best weapons against cybercriminals who may be trying to steal and misuse data for fraudulent activities.

What’s more, it simplifies data management, as attachments can be automatically encrypted and emails containing sensitive personal information are less likely to be sent out by mistake.

Finally, if your business operates in the European Union, cloud encryption is recommended for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While GDPR does not specifically mandate encryption, it does mention it in a few articles as a recommended security and personal data protection measures.

Learn More About Cloud Encryption

If you are curious about cloud encryption and would like to learn more about its business benefits, take a look at the below infographic guide.


Changes Through Technological Advancements in The Accounting Industry

In the era of evolution, technology has been seen advancements by leaps and bounds and it is also believed that the work of accountants has become much simpler than before with the introduction of technology in the accounting sector. Talking about the earlier days when all the work was done with pens and papers, technology has brought about dynamic changes in the present scenario by providing the best accounting services in Dubai.

This means everything is done on computers like data entry, making financial records, calculations and much more. This is an excellent transformation that has bought about a number of benefits and the work is also being done quite efficiently these days.

The following points will show the changes that technology has bought about in the lives of accountants:

1. Well-equipped and specialized accounting software:


Accountants are moving from manual calculations and traditional ways of recording transactions by pen and paper. They are slowly shifting to accounting software’s which have made their life easier. There are now efficient tools and software’s available that help accountants to input data faster and also to compute the data easily. Not only this, but scanning tools are also available to the manual inputting of data is also being replaced rapidly.

A computer is accurate in doing calculations so the chances of the error have also declined and also in case there is some error in the data, the computer detects it and it can be verified and corrected immediately.

2. The system launched is cloud-based:

Cloud accounting services

There are a number of organizations that are providing accounting services and are aware of the fact that the internet is something beyond company websites and social media. They are using a cloud-based system to record, analyze and compute data easily. This system helps you get access to data whenever and from wherever you wish to. All you need is to log on to the cloud-based system and get going. The data stored in this system is digitalized which means it can be accessed easily. This as a new working style in the accounting industry has helped in managing and minimizing bookkeeping expenditures.

3. Transactions related to the client are becoming more efficient:

Technology advancement in delivering the best accounting services has not only benefitted the company or the accounts, but also the clients taking accounting services. The clients will also get access to the data through digitalization. Also, face to face meetings can be initiated through web video conferencing which means it has become really convenient for the clients to convene and discuss the matter of concerns as and when required regardless of the distance from the accounting firm.

4. Accounting services have become mobile:

Cloud accounting services

With the introduction of smart-phones, we cannot ignore the fact that the dependency of people has increased on mobile phones but we can also not ignore the fact that mobile phones have made our lives much simpler. There are a number of applications related to accounting which people can download in their mobile phones and use them efficiently. These applications are dedicated to accounting. It is also possible for you to take your office with you anywhere and everywhere and this can be done with a smartphone, internet connection and a bit of support for the Information Technology (I.T.) team.

5. Easy job for the accountants providing accounting services:

Cloud accounting services

Without any doubt, the accounting system is quite difficult like computing and recording data is a tiresome procedure. The technology has made it much easier for the accountants providing accounting services to record, and compute data by introducing different useful accounting tools and software. This way their work has become easy and effective and also error-free.

So after going through the above-mentioned points, we can clearly see that technology has bought about positive changes in the field of accounting and with the passage of time, this will be improved further.

Top jQuery Plugins You Can Use For Your WordPress Website

In the past few years, jQuery emerged as one of the most popular frameworks to create amazing fully featured websites. The recent update in the framework has added some top-notch features to further enhance the user experience.

In such a less time the framework has gained popularity among the web developers as it requires minimum efforts and coding knowledge to design an application.  Another thing that attracts developers toward the jQueryis is its plugins that can be used to increase the website functionality. In this article, we will be discussing the jQuery plugins that worth your time.  So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best jQuery plugins.


Facing difficulties while implementing horizontal scrolling along with the parallax effects? Not anymore, the jInvertScroll allows developers to implement horizontal scrolling with parallax effects. The plugin is light weighted, easy to use and do not require any configuration. In addition, it also allows you to move horizontal scrolling with parallax effects.

Magnific Popup

Ever heard about this jQuery plugin? Well, if you are looking for a plugin that works on the multiple devices, then Magnific Popup is what you are looking for. This is another light weighted jQuery designed to enhance the performance and compatibility of the website. When it comes to the speed then it is super-fast and can run on various devices including high-DPI devices like the MacBook Pro.

The plugin comes with the responsive dialog script along with the motive to provide the best user experience for users.


Unslider is a jQuery plugin which is most of the time used as an image slider that supports almost every HTML text including images, video, text and more. It is a perfect plugin to create clean and flexible content sliders for a website banner. It allows users to control individual characters if needed, color each letter and apply kerning and more. The plugin remains responsive while giving users control over the typography.


Sound drunk right? It is a plugin designed to create tooltips with a flexible base. The plugin features default style and animations to provide complete look over the website structure. Web developers can further customize the overall look of the website.


If you want to add some scroll effects to your website then, Scrollme is the right plugin for you. All you have to do is install the plugin on your website and after that, you will be able to rotate, scroll and translate your website. The plugin doesn’t require any knowledge of the single line coding, it is easy to use and start.

Today, jQuery has become one of the most preferred frameworks because of its number of plugins designed and developed to enhance the website functionality and user experience. All the above-mentioned jQuery plugins are ideal to use and effective, but in the end, the decision is up to you. You can choose the plugin that suits your website needs and requirements.

The 5 things about Virtualization which you must know

Those days are gone when virtualization was an alien thing for most of the people because now most of the people from the IT sectors are aware of virtualization and its benefit for businesses. The advancement in technology and due to its rapid evolution, now it is possible for a system administrator to know what’s going to happen to the server in advance before anything really happens.

Virtualization is simply a process of simulating a real scenario into platforms like PC. Today, there are numerous things which are directly getting benefited from the concept of virtualization like the virtual shopping or chatting with a robot for query or even problem-solving.

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at the top 5 things which you should know about virtualization.

  1. Reduced provisioning time

Installing a virtual server in your premise and then going for the necessary software is a very lengthy process and it takes your important and valuable time. You will also have to make sure that everything is installed properly and check that the server is locked down properly for an acceptable level of security. While on the other hand, server virtualization reduces your time if you are making a clone of the existing server. For making the clone, you will just have to create a new server form the existing one with a master template.

  1. Better disaster recovery

While using a physical server, you always need to keep a copy of the server which identically matches with the production server’s hardware. This process allows you to maintain proper backup and continue your business even in the case of any disaster. But if you are using a virtual server then you don’t need to rely on such unused physical hardware as your recovery option. You can be dependent upon a snapshot of the server and have everything backed up.

  1. Go green

Go green is the new trend for business which is making them take care of the environment also. With the help of server virtualization, you will obviously reduce the power required to run your physical server and also for keeping them cool. This will result in cost reduction on power and will also minimize your carbon footprint which will be your major step towards preserving the environment. In addition to this, you will also be reducing the space required to install the physical server.

  1. Enhanced reliability

Although there are various advantages of using the virtual server, one of the major benefits which a business acquires form virtualization is enhanced reliability. The server virtualization gives business the option to choose one reliable plan and then apply it to different situations, regardless of the applications involved as the virtual server provides support for different operating systems. The server virtualization helps business to work in a completely reliable environment which is very much necessary in this highly competitive era.

  1. Better utilization of resources

Most of the small and medium-sized business have to manage many things at once and one of the major hurdles which these types of businesses faces is the limited resources. But the concept of virtualization can help SMEs to solve their problem of limited resources because it wipes out the need of any IT hardware and gives the best result in whatever resources the company is having.

Server virtualization is mainly connected with cost saving but the above-mentioned benefits and features of virtualization will give you a deep understanding of the fruitful concept. Understanding the features and having the in-depth knowledge of virtualization will break your barriers which is stopping your organization from utilizing this revolutionizing technology.

Why you should choose Python for Web-development

Although there are plenty of coding languages available today for web-development, python is still one of the most preferred platforms when it comes to web designing. The very reason for the popularity of python among the developers is its emphasis on readability and efficiency as compared to other coding languages such as Java, PHP, or C++.

Unlike other languages, Python can complete a coding process in fewer steps due to its ease of syntax. The main features of python such as its ever-evolving library and support makes it an ideal choice for web development, be it a mobile app, a full-fledged website, data science or AI. Today, most of the software development companies have been using python because of its simple and short programming codes and versatile features.  Below are some of the reasons why you should choose python for your web-development project:Python is more simple

If you ask a number of programmers what language do they prefer using, the majority of them will point towards Python. Well, it is something true because the coding language of Python is so simple that you could teach it to a newbie in a few days. Web-development is really a difficult task; therefore why not go with something that makes it easier.

Python allows you to build more functions with a few codes

What makes Python a great option for web-development is its readability and efficiency. Python is quite easy to study and can be well understood even by the novices in a few days. One of the best examples to show why Python is more efficient is the “Hello World” program. You will able to see how short and easy Python is in terms of coding.

Python is completely free

One of the greatest things about Python is that it’s completely free. You can use its entire module, tools, and the library absolutely free. You can get the most popular IDEs (Integrated development environments) like PTVS, Pydev with eclipse and Spyder Python for absolutely free.

User-Friendly Data Structures

The users of Python can access its inbuilt dictionary data structures that can help the users to create faster runtime data structures. Python gives the users an opportunity to dynamic high data level typing that reduces the length of the support code required.

Python has a huge Library

Another great reason why Python takes a lead over others programming language is its robust library. It offers numerous modules that you can choose according to your need. The modules used also allow the users to add any functionality in any of the Python’s application without introducing any additional code. One great benefit of using Python is that you can even gather additional information about any modules via Python’s library.

Wrapping it up all, Python is a must have a tool for web development. It clean and simple coding makes it easy to learn and use. One plus point of using Python is that it even allows the users to perform transition to other programming languages and too quickly.

How Well Do You Know About Typography

In the world of internet, things that are most appealing are the most traffic generating. This is where Typography comes into play. Basically, it refers to the process of creating an engaging design of text on web pages by arranging different types of web fonts, letters, words, paragraph, and etc. A good typography can have a good impact on several important elements such as user experience, user perception, readability, and even interest.

Words act as a medium to connect with your audience this is why it is important that a designer understand the basic principle of typography. With this, a designer will be able to come up with something that is appealing and can convey your idea in a precise way.

Now let us discuss some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration while using Typography in web designing:

Don’t Overuse Fonts

Remember always to make a perfect website; you don’t need to include different things in one, you just need to add few things differently. Try to make it simple, engaging, and reader-friendly for the visitors. Overstuffing your site can make your website look too busy and distracting to the readers. Therefore, the best way is to choose between 3-4 fonts, and use them wisely.

Make it readable

You will find very few people who will sit and read each and every word of your content. This is the reason why it is necessary to choose the fonts carefully and make the content so smooth that it is readable at a glance.

The best structure for an article or web content is:

  • A crispy big Headline
  • A smaller sub-headings with clear meaning
  • An average body size, broken up with different sub-headings

If any of these formats is not followed properly, then you are on the verge of losing the reader before they come to the bottom of the content.

Your words are the best tool to attract the readers. You can use the fonts to guide the reader throughout the page and lead them towards an important area of information. Ultimately, this will encourage the readers to perform some action such as an inquiry, purchase, or sign-up.

Choose a suitable color and Format

Colors are magical in their own way. However, leveraging too many colors in your content will likely confuse the readers. Instead, use color to grab the attention of readers to certain areas of your web page.

Similarly, the format also plays a significant role in the quality of content. Try not to keep every word in bold format and don’t make the content lengthy and dull. Instead, use small paragraphs to give your content a pleasing and engaging appearance.

Typography should be good enough to convey your purpose

Every website demands a different style of typography. The typography that you will be selecting depends on your profession. If you are running a creative organization, then you could experiment with fancy words and try to make your content look unique. But if you are a professional organization such as law firm, finance, or accounts, you will have to stick up with simplicity and odd color choices.

The readers should get the idea of your business just by the glance of your content on the website. The font, text, and the format of your content play a significant role in making your content engaging and pleasing to the eyes of readers.

What Makes QuickBooks Stand Out From The Crowd?

The accounting industry has witnessed a great phase of evolution, which has allowed it to shift from pen and papers to accounting software and then finally to cloud accounting solution. During this phase of evolution, the accounting operations became fast, accurate, precise, economical and much more secure.

Now you will hardly find someone who will still be using pen and paper for managing their accounting operations as it burns a hole in their pocket while maximizing the chances of mistakes and making the process slower.

Now accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, and SMEs have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing accounting software, but one accounting software solution which stands out of the crowd with its 4.2 million users, is the QuickBooks.

So let’s witness the fact that QuickBooks is the no.1 accounting software for SMEs and accountants located all over the world.


One of the best things about the QB software is it’s easy to use interface and user-friendly accounting tools. You don’t need to go through a course of accounting in order to use this software as even a non-accounting professional can easily use it and make his accounting operations better. Most of the accounting tools available in the software are quite easy to learn and it is one of the most prominent reasons to why it is the most preferred accounting software.

Better Integration

There are a couple of versions and editions of this software available in the market and you can choose any one of them according to your need, size and industry type. But if you wish to further enhance the performance of software and customize it in a better way then you can easily integrate different add-ons with this software.

The process of integrating add-on with this software is quite easy and the list of add-ons available is also long. So, choose your add-on and make the QuickBooks software much more suitable for you.

Precise reporting

The reporting feature of the QuickBooks is quite effective as it gives users a very detailed and easy to read reports. These reports are generated by analyzing the huge database stored in the software and they can help the user to plan for the future while making them aware of their present financial situation.

There are numerous reports which can be generated through the software like the income and expense report, forecasting report, trends reports, etc.

Specially for SMEs

The QuickBooks has been specially designed for the SMEs and therefore it perfectly fits into the accounting requirements of startups like a glove. This advantage gives the SMEs an edge over the giant players who use highly customized solutions for handling their accounting functions.

Better customization

QuickBooks offers a couple of ready to use templates which the users can use for creating invoices, spreadsheets, charts and business plans. You can also easily customize the look and the feel of such documents and it is a great advantage for the users in such economical pricing.

So, these are the points which make QB stand out from the crowd and that’s why it is being used by more than 4.2 million customers all over the world.