Attention! App Developers May Have Access to Your Gmail Account

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Email has come a long way since the first email was sent in 1971. It was Ray Tomlinson, the programmer, who sent the message “QWERTYUIOP” to another computer. This has turned out to be a Goliath- both for its extensive scope and in how it has got its usage as one of the most effective communication tools. One of the most preferred email services out here is Gmail which has reached almost 2.5 billion users. People uses this platform daily, even they connect it to third-party apps and this may invite a serious threat of actually getting exposed of your private Gmail messages. A report has been published on The Wall Street Journal stating that people who have connected third-party apps to their account may have unknowingly given external developers access to read their messages.

Gmail Scam Exposed

Is this true- how could some external developers just access to your personal account and go through your inboxes? Well, the fact is, Google allows these developers to look into the inboxes of millions of users per official policy. This policy is established when people are asked whether they wish to connect their Google account to third-party apps or services. When linking their profile to a service, people grant certain permissions which often enable the feature to read, send, delete and manage your email.

Ugly but True

Now, the malicious developers who have access to users’ Gmail inboxes have been evaluated by Google. And probably, this access is the norm to these developers. The former CTO at eDataSource Inc., Thede Loder said that reading emails of the users has become a common practice for companies that indulge in collecting this type of data. This may be a dirty secret, but it’s kind of reality.

Though this fact may be expected to people like Loder, it is likely very shocking to others who have been doing this for quite some time now. They have been unaware of this and there is a gap in understanding of they are signing themselves up for. Therefore, if you are one of the Gmail users wishing to keep the information in your inboxes private, make sure to follow these useful tips:  

Be Particular and Selective

The best way to control your information and prevent them from getting public is by reducing the sources you share it with. This means not allowing Gmail access to every third-party app that asks for it. Be strict and meticulous, and only provide any app access when it is absolutely important to the service or the amount of experience it provides.  

Go Through the Terms and Conditions

If you are required to share access to your Gmail or your information with a particular website or application, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before you just sign up with your Google account. Though it takes a lot of patience and time, it is important you know where your information going and stop it from being misused.  

Comprehensive Security for Gmail

Although the data you shared was unwillingly given, its important still check all your devices with additional care and security to keep yourself safe from data breach. To do that, use an all-inclusive solution such as McAfee Total Protection, Kaspersky Total Security etc, in addition to limiting the amount of personal data you share for using any third-party app.  

 Gmail users stay alert of the malicious developers who may take access to your account and go through your inboxes. This is done when the users share their personal information and other details while connecting their Google account to any third party apps. However, this may be prevented with careful steps and antivirus protection. 


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