Air Pods getting enhanced with live listen technology


Apple is known for its innovation and how they revolutionize the world of technology with its new and innovative approach. Time to time, they keep setting benchmarks for the rest of the tech companies and show what technology can bring us next.

Although, after Steve Jobs, people started doubting the innovative approach of the company and some of their less innovative ideas in their new launches boosted this talk, but slowly and steadily the Apple company is again picking up the pace and coming back on the track to being the most innovative company of the world.

The latest addition to the enhancement of features in Apple gadget includes the introduction of the live listen technology on the very famous Air Pods.

This new technology of live listen in the Air Pods will come with the iOS 12 which will be launched later this year. With this feature, users will be able to hear conversations in crowded and noisy places.

The news of enhancing the Air Pods with the live listen technology was first reported by Techcrunch. You should know that live listen technology is not a new technology. It is in use from 2014 but is available on only selected and very limited Apple hearing aids.

You can turn your Air Pods into a microphone with the help of the Air Pods. If you are sitting in a noisy and crowded place, then you need to point the microphone at the person across the table from you or slide it. After that, you will be able to hear what they have to say in your hearing aids and by the end of this year, in your Air Pods.

When the Air Pods were launched, they completely changed the way people used headphones. As you plug out your Air Pods from the charging port, they automatically turn on and instantly gets connected to your Apple gadgets like iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. After the introduction of the Air Pods in 2016, it was started being called as Apple’s first ear computer.

This new technology will also help people with hearing loss, but it is being suggested that such differently able people should still go for hearing heads and not to rely on Air Pods completely. So you can say that the new advancement and innovation of Apple will be in your ears.

With the introduction of Air Pods and its ability to directly connect with Siri visual assistance and access to a wide array of apps, many experts were expecting that the Air Pods will give all those abilities to the users which they were not able to access through their normal headphones. Although, even after 2 years of its launch, that dream still needs to be converted into reality while the current upgradation of live listen can be considered as a small step towards it.


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