6 Historically Popular Jobs Made Redundant By Technology

Popular Jobs Made Redundant By Technology

You may have noticed that a lot of jobs people used to take for granted when you were growing up are no longer around. Technology has been changing at an unprecedented rate. Things such as automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing have changed a lot about how people live and work.

So many jobs, careers and professions have been made redundant because of automation. Many more will be made redundant sooner or later. For instance, did you know call centers are no longer such big employment creators in countries like India and the Philippines?

That’s because automated voice agents have been fast replacing human customer service reps. Customer support reps are only called into action when the automated voice agent cannot solve the problem.

Here’s a look at 6 historically popular jobs that have been made redundant by technology

#1: Film Projectionists

Do you remember going to the movies in the 1970s and 1980s? Bank then, there was a guy up in the projection room called as a film projectionist. It was his job to load the film onto the projector. Right – today there are no film projectionists. Their jobs have been taken over by digital technology in multiplexes. There are no projection rooms anymore either – just a small but highly sophisticated digital projector that takes care of your entire movie watching experience.

#2: Bank Tellers

Remember how one of the safest and most boring jobs around was that of a bank teller? Every bank used to have thousands of them. But when was the last time you’d seen a bank teller? They have been largely replaced by ATMs. While there are still some who remain, even their jobs will be taken over by machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

#3: Typists

When did you last see a typist? Remember the offices of the 1980s? Every company or organization used to employ dozens of typists, mostly young women, who were furiously at work typing away hundreds of documents every day. Right, that has now changed since the 1990s and today personal computer and printers are a ubiquitous presence in every office.

#4: Video Store Clerks

Another job that was very popular well unto to the 2000s but is nowhere to be found is that of a video store clerk. You just don’t have these guys any more. Who buys DVDs or VCDs anyway? You can order any number of movies you want for a small monthly fee of under $10 on Amazon Prime or Netflix. How things have changed!

#5: Telegraph Operator

One job that was very popular back in the early to mid-20th century was that of the telegraph operator. These were men who studied Morse code to interpret messages. Telegraph operators played a stellar role in the World Wars One and Two. But obviously, nobody uses these things any more. That is another job that has been lost to history.

#6: Switchboard Operator

“Switchboard operator” was a very popular job with young women right until the 1970s and early 1980s. All calls were routed through them. Things changed soon after that as technology got better. Switchboards were used for long-distance calling only.  Then, in the 1990s, telecom operations were fully digitized, so that’s another job that has been lost to technology.


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