What Makes QuickBooks Stand Out From The Crowd?

The accounting industry has witnessed a great phase of evolution, which has allowed it to shift from pen and papers to accounting software and then finally to cloud accounting solution. During this phase of evolution, the accounting operations became fast, accurate, precise, economical and much more secure.

Now you will hardly find someone who will still be using pen and paper for managing their accounting operations as it burns a hole in their pocket while maximizing the chances of mistakes and making the process slower.

Now accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, and SMEs have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing accounting software, but one accounting software solution which stands out of the crowd with its 4.2 million users, is the QuickBooks.

So let’s witness the fact that QuickBooks is the no.1 accounting software for SMEs and accountants located all over the world.


One of the best things about the QB software is it’s easy to use interface and user-friendly accounting tools. You don’t need to go through a course of accounting in order to use this software as even a non-accounting professional can easily use it and make his accounting operations better. Most of the accounting tools available in the software are quite easy to learn and it is one of the most prominent reasons to why it is the most preferred accounting software.

Better Integration

There are a couple of versions and editions of this software available in the market and you can choose any one of them according to your need, size and industry type. But if you wish to further enhance the performance of software and customize it in a better way then you can easily integrate different add-ons with this software.

The process of integrating add-on with this software is quite easy and the list of add-ons available is also long. So, choose your add-on and make the QuickBooks software much more suitable for you.

Precise reporting

The reporting feature of the QuickBooks is quite effective as it gives users a very detailed and easy to read reports. These reports are generated by analyzing the huge database stored in the software and they can help the user to plan for the future while making them aware of their present financial situation.

There are numerous reports which can be generated through the software like the income and expense report, forecasting report, trends reports, etc.

Specially for SMEs

The QuickBooks has been specially designed for the SMEs and therefore it perfectly fits into the accounting requirements of startups like a glove. This advantage gives the SMEs an edge over the giant players who use highly customized solutions for handling their accounting functions.

Better customization

QuickBooks offers a couple of ready to use templates which the users can use for creating invoices, spreadsheets, charts and business plans. You can also easily customize the look and the feel of such documents and it is a great advantage for the users in such economical pricing.

So, these are the points which make QB stand out from the crowd and that’s why it is being used by more than 4.2 million customers all over the world.